Wait!! This is certainly not what it seems like. And, no it is not film news. Before you go back to the Galactic Empire plot, it is our duty to keep you updated with the reality behind this ‘Rise of Darth Vader’.


Ukraine is amidst an uprising and certainly needs a stronger leader to run the country. This is where a Darth Vader; more precisely a costume-clad man comes into picture. Earlier this man had applied for acquiring the candidature for the position of the president, where his application was rejected. It is now after a few months that that his candidacy to run for the mayor in Kiev has been accepted.

Darth Vader, as he is known, is running for the mayor elections under the Internet Party of Ukraine. He is campaigning in the streets like other candidates; kissing babies and shaking hands with the locales. The only thing that sets him apart from others is of course, his costume and the fact that he is being accompanied by a group Strom Troopers and also, you can find him seated on a plastic mock-up of the throne used by the actual Darth Vader.

In an official statement he stated that, he can alone construct an empire from a republic and that he wants to restore and reconstruct the lost pride of the country.

The Ukrainian Internet party’s Darth Vader flanked by stormtroopers in Independence Square, Kiev,

Well, we think when Vader can play a helping hand is managing the Galactic Empire which had 500 worlds under it; managing Kiev shouldn’t be much of a problem for him.

Some people think that accepting his candidature for the role of a mayor is a faux pas that the government is playing. However, the campaign is fully financed and he is currently lagging behind Vitali Klitschko, the former boxer, by a just few votes.

This masked person is for sure is taking the elections very seriously. What we need to see his that how the voters actually respond to his campaign and whether they really want a masked Galactic hero to be their next mayor or not.

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