All You Need to Know About the New Spigen Neo Hybrid Case for iPhone

An iPhone is considered to be one of the most prized possessions in today’s age. People really do all sorts of things to protect it from accidental falling, breakage, dust and scratches. From screen guards to protective cases, now-a-days, you’ll find the market loaded will protective gears for an iPhone. New cases, covers and guards for these sophisticated phones come up each day. One of the latest innovations in this realm is that of the Spigen Neo Hybrid Case.


Spigen is pioneer in manufacturing accessories for various mobile phones. It has been ruling this realm eversince it was launched in 2004. They come with precise and exciting designs for phone cases.

Specially designed for iPhone 5 and 5s, this Neo Hybrid Case is one of the finest in this niche. It gives the phone a sleek and classy look. Just at a price of £17.99, it comes in a modest design and is crafted using high-quality material. Not only it protects the phone from scratches but also guards it against shocks and breakage due to accidental slippage.


The Positive Side of Using Spigen Neo Hybrid Case:

The most important benefit is that this case provides complete protection to phone and does not even add to its weight. Cut-outs for all ports, controls and access points are available in this case. It also comes in different colors like Infinity White and Dante Red.

The Downside of Using Neo Hybrid Case:

The only flaw that this amazing iPhone case has it related to its cut-out available for the headphone jack. For the ones who use the newer headphones might face slight inconvenience while using their iPhone with this hybrid case.

The Bottom Line:

Spigen Neo Hybrid Case is an excellent protective case which can be used as both, a case and a bumper. This is what helps it make a place for itself in the mobile technology news. Without adding a lot of glamour to the phone, it looks into keeping it protected while imparting it a simple and classy look.

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