Gaming consoles and PCs have always been in a raging war ever since the former came into existence. You’ll always find gamers doing ‘Console vs. PCs’ over the various social media channels, blogs and forums. These comparisons form an integral part of tech news today.


We all know how multipurpose a PC is. From communicating over long distances to sharing pictures and doing calculations, a computer has simplified human life to a great extent. If you talk about the use of consoles and PCs, the latter will definitely score a high number. Keeping the new technology in accordance, here the discussion is about which is a better one when it comes to playing games.


Consoles have always been the choice of gamers. To a great extent, consoles are definitely better than personal computers when it comes to game playing. Well, given below are six reasons that totally support this statement.

6 Reasons why Gaming Consoles are Better than Personal Computers:

  1. No Hardware-Hassle: The most important feature that allows a console to establish an edge over a PC is that you don’t have to worry about too many wires and hardware while playing games. You don’t require any keyboard or mouse attached while playing with a console. Consoles come with Joypads which make game-playing a delightful experience for the gamers. This is why consoles are considered to be more convenient gaming tools than PCs.
  2. Comfortable Gaming Option: Unlike PC, with a console in hand you don’t have to sit straight infront of your PC. You can easily play games while slouching and lazing on your couch or bed as well. With a gaming console by your side, you can actually play games on televisions as well.
  3. No Upgrade Required: The third important reason that makes gaming-console a hit is that it does not need to be upgraded on regular basis. If you choose to play games on a PC, upgrading it is something you wouldn’t find as much thrilling. In context to the console, it is definitely upgradable. But you’ll have to worry about that for ‘n’ number of times as with the launch of new Playstation or xBox, you simply have to replace the old one.
  4. Multi-Player Options: With a PC at your disposal, you just have one screen, one keyboard and one mouse, so that makes you the only one who can play the game. Or maybe, even you can play multi-player games but not simultaneously. With a console, that’s absolutely possible. Upto 4 players can easily play games using a console and the big thing is that this can be done SIMULTANEOUSLY.
  5. Price and Usability: Playing game using a console will cost you slightly less than doing the same on a PC. When it comes to using a console, it is way easier than a PC. Also, one console can be used on various gaming platforms. Another additional benefit is that you can easily carry a console elsewhere as it is lightweight. A PC on the other hand cannot be moved that often.
  6. Innovation Matters: Consoles are an innovative invention. These devices heighten the thrill for a gamer. Exclusive games can only be played with the help of consoles, which again is a positive feature of using consoles.

It is not that PCs aren’t competitive enough, but it’s about which device optimizes the gaming experience for a player. PCs have their own share of benefits, but when it comes to playing games, consoles certainly have an edge over the former.

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