Essential Battery Saving Tips for iOS 7

Apple has immensely revolutionized the face of technology with its spectacular iDevices. Be it in terms of entertainment, luxury or necessity, Apple has covered it all. To keep its devices docked up with excellent features, Apple keeps upgrading the iOS from time to time. The latest operating system on the block is iOS 7 which runs on various iDevices. This platform comes with some of the best features of all times like better multi-tasking features, control centre and parallax.


It is obvious that for an iOS to be loaded with features like this, battery of the device can be at a risk on turning inefficient. With the rolling out of 7.1-version of iOS, many users have reportedly complained about the weak battery life of their iPhones and iPads.


If you own an iDevice and are complaining of same issue, given below are 5 essential battery saving tips:

  1. Turn off Air Drop feature: Air Drop is a latest feature in iOS 7.1 that searches for nearby iPhones. It actually eats up a lot of battery. Turn it off when you’re not interested in using it.
  2. Turn off the Auto-Brightness Option and Dim the Screen: You will find an option in the Setting>> Wallpapers to lighten up the screen. Here you can turn off the auto-brightness option and make it lighter. Brighter screen light will take up a lot of energy.
  3. Use Basic Wallpapers Instead of Parallax: Parallax is another exciting feature that has been recently added to iOS 7.1. It gives a 3D effect to the icons and wallpapers. By turning it off and using a static wallpaper background will help you save a lot of energy and will tremendously improve your device’s battery life.
  4. Turn off Location Services (when not in use): Location Services can really desiccate your device’s battery to the ground. Turning off the location services when you’re not using it is a smart move to make. This will save power as location services options will stop fetching your location by receiving and sending data continuously.
  5. Disable Background App Updates: By turning off this feature, you will actually be able to make your device’s battery last longer than usual. By turning off the background applications from updating themselves whenever an Internet connection is found is a great thing to do in order to save battery.

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