All About The Exciting New Updates For iOS By Apple

To make its operating system even more exciting and engrossing, Apple has recently rolled out a few new updates for iOS. These updates are basically related to the iTunes and OS X Mavericks, versions 11.2 and 10.9.3 respectively. Along with these, another update for the Podcasts application for iOS has also been launched.


Maverick’s update won’t seem to be a lot exciting to you, if your 4k display is working properly. It comes with the only new feature of ‘improved 4k display support’. The 10.9.3 version comes with fixed bugs. It also provides the ability of syncing calendars and contacts using a USB connection.


The new Podcasts 2.1 version for iOS comes with improved sub-par apps. Apart from fixing the bugs, the latest update comes with revamped playlist-building feature. It will also make podcast-browsing experience a pleasant one.

With new updates by your side, you’ll be able to play downloaded episodes on your Mac easily. The podcasts will also support the Apple’s CarPlay feature now. You can directly play MyStations list over AirDrop.

Apple makes it a point to provide its users with latest iOS developer news every now and then. The detailed account of OS C 10.9.3 can be availed from Apple’s official Site as well. You can also browse through Synapse News for regular updates on Apple and iOS.


If you want to know more about the Mac updates, you can go to Apple Menu >> Software Update. Here you will find the App Store and from where you can download the Combo Updater.

Podcasts and other iOS apps can also be downloaded in the similar manner from the App Store. Get all your doubts about the updates cleared and welcome them on your device. They will definitely redefine your experience of using an iDevice.

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