Wait!! This is certainly not what it seems like. And, no it is not film news. Before you go back to the Galactic Empire plot, it is our duty to keep you updated with the reality behind this ‘Rise of Darth Vader’.


Ukraine is amidst an uprising and certainly needs a stronger leader to run the country. This is where a Darth Vader; more precisely a costume-clad man comes into picture. Earlier this man had applied for acquiring the candidature for the position of the president, where his application was rejected. It is now after a few months that that his candidacy to run for the mayor in Kiev has been accepted.

Darth Vader, as he is known, is running for the mayor elections under the Internet Party of Ukraine. He is campaigning in the streets like other candidates; kissing babies and shaking hands with the locales. The only thing that sets him apart from others is of course, his costume and the fact that he is being accompanied by a group Strom Troopers and also, you can find him seated on a plastic mock-up of the throne used by the actual Darth Vader.

In an official statement he stated that, he can alone construct an empire from a republic and that he wants to restore and reconstruct the lost pride of the country.

The Ukrainian Internet party’s Darth Vader flanked by stormtroopers in Independence Square, Kiev,

Well, we think when Vader can play a helping hand is managing the Galactic Empire which had 500 worlds under it; managing Kiev shouldn’t be much of a problem for him.

Some people think that accepting his candidature for the role of a mayor is a faux pas that the government is playing. However, the campaign is fully financed and he is currently lagging behind Vitali Klitschko, the former boxer, by a just few votes.

This masked person is for sure is taking the elections very seriously. What we need to see his that how the voters actually respond to his campaign and whether they really want a masked Galactic hero to be their next mayor or not.

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All You Need to Know About the New Spigen Neo Hybrid Case for iPhone

An iPhone is considered to be one of the most prized possessions in today’s age. People really do all sorts of things to protect it from accidental falling, breakage, dust and scratches. From screen guards to protective cases, now-a-days, you’ll find the market loaded will protective gears for an iPhone. New cases, covers and guards for these sophisticated phones come up each day. One of the latest innovations in this realm is that of the Spigen Neo Hybrid Case.


Spigen is pioneer in manufacturing accessories for various mobile phones. It has been ruling this realm eversince it was launched in 2004. They come with precise and exciting designs for phone cases.

Specially designed for iPhone 5 and 5s, this Neo Hybrid Case is one of the finest in this niche. It gives the phone a sleek and classy look. Just at a price of £17.99, it comes in a modest design and is crafted using high-quality material. Not only it protects the phone from scratches but also guards it against shocks and breakage due to accidental slippage.


The Positive Side of Using Spigen Neo Hybrid Case:

The most important benefit is that this case provides complete protection to phone and does not even add to its weight. Cut-outs for all ports, controls and access points are available in this case. It also comes in different colors like Infinity White and Dante Red.

The Downside of Using Neo Hybrid Case:

The only flaw that this amazing iPhone case has it related to its cut-out available for the headphone jack. For the ones who use the newer headphones might face slight inconvenience while using their iPhone with this hybrid case.

The Bottom Line:

Spigen Neo Hybrid Case is an excellent protective case which can be used as both, a case and a bumper. This is what helps it make a place for itself in the mobile technology news. Without adding a lot of glamour to the phone, it looks into keeping it protected while imparting it a simple and classy look.

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Gaming consoles and PCs have always been in a raging war ever since the former came into existence. You’ll always find gamers doing ‘Console vs. PCs’ over the various social media channels, blogs and forums. These comparisons form an integral part of tech news today.


We all know how multipurpose a PC is. From communicating over long distances to sharing pictures and doing calculations, a computer has simplified human life to a great extent. If you talk about the use of consoles and PCs, the latter will definitely score a high number. Keeping the new technology in accordance, here the discussion is about which is a better one when it comes to playing games.


Consoles have always been the choice of gamers. To a great extent, consoles are definitely better than personal computers when it comes to game playing. Well, given below are six reasons that totally support this statement.

6 Reasons why Gaming Consoles are Better than Personal Computers:

  1. No Hardware-Hassle: The most important feature that allows a console to establish an edge over a PC is that you don’t have to worry about too many wires and hardware while playing games. You don’t require any keyboard or mouse attached while playing with a console. Consoles come with Joypads which make game-playing a delightful experience for the gamers. This is why consoles are considered to be more convenient gaming tools than PCs.
  2. Comfortable Gaming Option: Unlike PC, with a console in hand you don’t have to sit straight infront of your PC. You can easily play games while slouching and lazing on your couch or bed as well. With a gaming console by your side, you can actually play games on televisions as well.
  3. No Upgrade Required: The third important reason that makes gaming-console a hit is that it does not need to be upgraded on regular basis. If you choose to play games on a PC, upgrading it is something you wouldn’t find as much thrilling. In context to the console, it is definitely upgradable. But you’ll have to worry about that for ‘n’ number of times as with the launch of new Playstation or xBox, you simply have to replace the old one.
  4. Multi-Player Options: With a PC at your disposal, you just have one screen, one keyboard and one mouse, so that makes you the only one who can play the game. Or maybe, even you can play multi-player games but not simultaneously. With a console, that’s absolutely possible. Upto 4 players can easily play games using a console and the big thing is that this can be done SIMULTANEOUSLY.
  5. Price and Usability: Playing game using a console will cost you slightly less than doing the same on a PC. When it comes to using a console, it is way easier than a PC. Also, one console can be used on various gaming platforms. Another additional benefit is that you can easily carry a console elsewhere as it is lightweight. A PC on the other hand cannot be moved that often.
  6. Innovation Matters: Consoles are an innovative invention. These devices heighten the thrill for a gamer. Exclusive games can only be played with the help of consoles, which again is a positive feature of using consoles.

It is not that PCs aren’t competitive enough, but it’s about which device optimizes the gaming experience for a player. PCs have their own share of benefits, but when it comes to playing games, consoles certainly have an edge over the former.

Essential Battery Saving Tips for iOS 7

Apple has immensely revolutionized the face of technology with its spectacular iDevices. Be it in terms of entertainment, luxury or necessity, Apple has covered it all. To keep its devices docked up with excellent features, Apple keeps upgrading the iOS from time to time. The latest operating system on the block is iOS 7 which runs on various iDevices. This platform comes with some of the best features of all times like better multi-tasking features, control centre and parallax.


It is obvious that for an iOS to be loaded with features like this, battery of the device can be at a risk on turning inefficient. With the rolling out of 7.1-version of iOS, many users have reportedly complained about the weak battery life of their iPhones and iPads.


If you own an iDevice and are complaining of same issue, given below are 5 essential battery saving tips:

  1. Turn off Air Drop feature: Air Drop is a latest feature in iOS 7.1 that searches for nearby iPhones. It actually eats up a lot of battery. Turn it off when you’re not interested in using it.
  2. Turn off the Auto-Brightness Option and Dim the Screen: You will find an option in the Setting>> Wallpapers to lighten up the screen. Here you can turn off the auto-brightness option and make it lighter. Brighter screen light will take up a lot of energy.
  3. Use Basic Wallpapers Instead of Parallax: Parallax is another exciting feature that has been recently added to iOS 7.1. It gives a 3D effect to the icons and wallpapers. By turning it off and using a static wallpaper background will help you save a lot of energy and will tremendously improve your device’s battery life.
  4. Turn off Location Services (when not in use): Location Services can really desiccate your device’s battery to the ground. Turning off the location services when you’re not using it is a smart move to make. This will save power as location services options will stop fetching your location by receiving and sending data continuously.
  5. Disable Background App Updates: By turning off this feature, you will actually be able to make your device’s battery last longer than usual. By turning off the background applications from updating themselves whenever an Internet connection is found is a great thing to do in order to save battery.

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All About The Exciting New Updates For iOS By Apple

To make its operating system even more exciting and engrossing, Apple has recently rolled out a few new updates for iOS. These updates are basically related to the iTunes and OS X Mavericks, versions 11.2 and 10.9.3 respectively. Along with these, another update for the Podcasts application for iOS has also been launched.


Maverick’s update won’t seem to be a lot exciting to you, if your 4k display is working properly. It comes with the only new feature of ‘improved 4k display support’. The 10.9.3 version comes with fixed bugs. It also provides the ability of syncing calendars and contacts using a USB connection.


The new Podcasts 2.1 version for iOS comes with improved sub-par apps. Apart from fixing the bugs, the latest update comes with revamped playlist-building feature. It will also make podcast-browsing experience a pleasant one.

With new updates by your side, you’ll be able to play downloaded episodes on your Mac easily. The podcasts will also support the Apple’s CarPlay feature now. You can directly play MyStations list over AirDrop.

Apple makes it a point to provide its users with latest iOS developer news every now and then. The detailed account of OS C 10.9.3 can be availed from Apple’s official Site as well. You can also browse through Synapse News for regular updates on Apple and iOS.


If you want to know more about the Mac updates, you can go to Apple Menu >> Software Update. Here you will find the App Store and from where you can download the Combo Updater.

Podcasts and other iOS apps can also be downloaded in the similar manner from the App Store. Get all your doubts about the updates cleared and welcome them on your device. They will definitely redefine your experience of using an iDevice.

Will New Nintendo Console Change Fate of Nintendo Business

Vast majority of us have the recognition with the most recent updates by Synapse News. Such superb exertions of the specialists are useful to stay one step ahead in getting information about our surroundings. With the entry in the technological section of news, the recent information by Nintendo Business abruptly pulls my consideration.

As Nintendo is a big name in recreations world as well as in a complete diversion zone. The new changes in their business do not influence their name. At the same time, here everybody is looking forward for new directions of the company. The technology news UK by Synapse upgrades their vision in respect of consumer health and quality life division.


This kind of release by the company truly gets numerous likes and visitors from their social network. They concentrate on the division of wellbeing and quality life items which is astonishing at the first look but this seems a profitable idea according to the reviews of business experts. This kind of latest gaming news and rumored name is useful with a specific end goal to effectively promote distinctive sorts of fitness band and smart toys at same platform.

Truly it is a glorious idea that gives quality to the name of the association which is popular in making adorable characters and amusing games. Such kind of experience in gaming framework surely targets the consumers mostly in developing countries. With the introduction of low cost console it will attract the complete family’s particularly youthful ones with its realistic sound and imaginative representation.

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Celluon Next Gen Keyboard

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                              Pompeii Trailer

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